Social Media interaction provides many benefits
Why Use Social Media Marketing

It's 10:00, Do You Know Where Your Customers Are?

Over 70% of people in the United States have a least one social media profile. For people aged 18-29 it's over 90%. The number of potential customers using social media has climbed dramatically over the the past decade and continues to increase. It's a great opportunity to interact directly with people, create good word of mouth, engender loyalty and spark interest.

Doing these things has always been important for increased leads and sales. It's never been possible to do it at the current scale. If someone says something good about your business, their comments are instantly seen by 300 people instead of just one. You have the chance to go where your customers are and talk with them on a personal level never possible before.

Find your audience on Facebook, Twitter, and many other social media platforms
Where Should You Concentrate Your Efforts?

Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn...oh my!

There are many social media channels and some are better then others. The ones you choose depends on your goals, your business, your audience, your products, and more. Certain demographics are more predominant on certain media. Knowing who your target customers are is paramount.

If you know your customers and give them what they want, your social media investment can see excellent returns. In addition to the most popular social sites, there are question/answer sites like Quora and video/picture sites like YouTube and Pinterest.

Social media posts should integrate with all your other marketing channels
How Does Social Media Relate?

In marketing, everything affects everything else

The content on your website and blog are very important. They provide a base to start social media conversations. Google indexes many social media pages in their search listings so good search engine optimization is as important for your posts to social sites as it is to your website.

PPC (pay per click) and other paid modes of advertising should relate and be consistent with social media posts.

The image you project in your paid ads, on social media, and across all your customer visible content should generate trust. A consistent informed approach will go a long way in generating that trust.

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