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Keyword Research

One of the basics for good SEO

Search engine optimization begins with keyword research. This research is important to all aspects of on-line advertising, not just SEO. You may have the most eloquently written copy on the face of the earth but no one will read it if they can't find it. It's important to use the right words in your copy so that when your potential customers search for those words, you show up in the search results. In order to do this, you first need to know what words or combination of words these future customers are using. This may seem obvious but, trust us, it’s not.

The words people use to search can indicate their interests and intent. Are they looking to buy or are they looking for information? Knowing the exact phrases they use and the intent of those phrases can help you decide on blog topics, site page copy, PPC ad copy, calls to action, on page HTML tags like alt tags and meta tags, headings/titles, and more.

In order to help people get what they want and convince them you can satisfy their needs, you first have to know exactly what those needs and desires are. Keywords research is the starting point.

No website is complete without optimization for search engines
On-Page Technical SEO

The nuts and bolts of website visibility

Once you know what keywords to target you can begin on-page search engine optimization. This includes all the technical things on each of your web pages that contribute to your ranking in search engines. There are 100’s of ranking factors affecting your position in search results on Google, Bing and Yahoo. Everything from the words that make up your URL to how fast your page loads in a browser are considered. Some factors affect your rank more than others.

To add another layer of difficulty, all the major search engines change things on a continuous basis. What was important last year may no longer be important or may even be detrimental now. Some researchers estimate that Google changes its search algorithm 40-50 times per month. Not only do the search engines change how they decide what to display, but also how they display it. Recently Google reduced the number of local listings displayed from 6 to 3. Another recent change from Google was to remove all PPC ads displaying on the right hand side of search result pages. It is necessary to stay on top of current developments in search and make adjustments accordingly.

Link building
Link Building

Increasing your page rank, on-line presence and reputation

Getting other sites to link to your site is one of the most important things you can do when working on search engine optimization. The quality of the links you receive is also important. Don’t go to link farms and purchase links by the 100 pack. Google will know this and penalize your site for doing it. Legitimate links from quality sites are very desirable and should be pursued.

There are many tactics for building links. Use your own blog to link out to relevant sites who may then link back, develop relationships with other sites and bloggers on social media. Sign up on compatible sites that allow links in your profile. Research your competitors and reach out to sites that link to them.

But, one of the biggest plusses you can have to encourage organic, quality links is to have an active, helpful, authoritative, and optimized blog.

How does your content integrate with other marketing campaigns
How Does SEO Relate

In marketing, everything affects everything else

Good SEO is necessary for success in all other efforts you undertake. It's the foundation for everything from email campaigns to Social Media interactions. Driving people to your website doesn't do much good if your website is slow, doesn't adequately respond to people's questions, has little authority, doesn't work on mobile or has a confusing link structure. Optimizing all these things is part of SEO because Google and other search engines also see these things as important.

PPC (pay per click) and other paid modes of advertising should direct viewers to relevant pages to maximize conversions. Email campaigns also depend on targeted landing pages.

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Kick The Wind wants to help you be successful in the most cost effective way possible. SEO is perhaps the most cost effective thing you can do, especially for small-medium sized businesses with tighter marketing budgets. We can do initial SEO to get you headed in the right direction. What we suggest, however, is an ongoing program of continued monitoring, research, analysis and updates to make sure you stay relevant and competitive in the rapidly changing Internet landscape.

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