Yes, PPC advertising works
Yes, PPC advertising really works

Utilizing both PPC and SEO is the best possible path

There is a reason why billions of dollars are spent on PPC advertising each year. The top spenders on Google Adwords, for instance, have budgets in the 40-50 million dollars range. These companies spend this amount because they see a good return on investment from it. Small to mid sized companies also have, and importantly, continue to allocate budget to PPC advertising for the same reason.

About 70% of clicks from searches are on organic listings. This is one reason SEO is important to your business. The remaining 30% of clicks come from paid advertising. While most people click on organic listings,

there is data to show that the clicks that come from ads are more likely to result in immediate sales or leads. It seems that people who click on ads are more likely to have a purchase intent, while those that click on organic are more likely to be looking for information.

Utilizing both PPC and SEO is the best possible path to getting the most out of your digital advertising. It should be noted that paid internet ads of any form are not a "set it and forget it" proposition. It requires ongoing, constant vigilance and testing to achieve optimum results.

Serch engine advertising
Google & other search engines

You simply can't ignore Google

The industry behemoth currently has a 70% share of search traffic. You shouldn't ignore Bing but you simply can't ignore Google.

You can target your advertising in many different ways such as location, demographics (age, sex, etc.), interests, and more. You can retarget people who have previously visited your site or purchased from you. You can see keyword details and test variations of keywords, ads, and landing pages quickly. You can utilize text search ads or display ads on targeted websites.

Setting up an account with the search engines is easy, running that account correctly is not easy or quick.

It is easy to waste money. If done well however, you can expect to receive a positive return on your investment.

Search and display PPC advertising requires coordination with other parts of your marketing program. For instance, you will need dedicated website landing pages to receive visitors who have clicked on your ads. You should be constantly running A/B tests on these landing pages and your ads to allow constant improvement. Every business is different and testing is simply a required part of your campaigns if you want to see great (and improving) results over time.

Social media advertising
Facebook and other social media

You shouldn't ignore 2.3 billion people

As of January 2016, 2.3 billion people globally are active social media users. That's a lot of potential customers. Your goals for using social media and especially for advertising on social media need to align closely with your business objectives. Campaigns will be different depending on those goals. Do you want people to visit your website to purchase products? Maybe you want people to visit your actual storefront to purchase those products. Or perhaps you're a service business or a high dollar retailer who wants phone calls or leads from interested potential customers.

Before you utilize paid advertising on social media you should have a presence and publish content. Again, as with search engine or display ads, SEO is tied to paid advertising. You can make use of advanced targeting options (demographics, location, interests, etc.) just like paid search ads. All of this is available on Facebook, Twitter, Linked In and others.

Social media advertising integrates with all your other marketing channels
How Does Pay per Click Advertising Relate?

In marketing, everything affects everything else

Because of the close tracking possible with PPC advertising, these channels will be a wealth of information on customer behavior, customer profiling and keyword targeting. All the detailed information tracked can be used to drive your other marketing efforts such as SEO, link building, email campaigns, etc. In addition, your website must have great landing pages to send your potential customers to in order to turn them into customers and/or leads.

Kick The Wind wants to help you be successful in the most cost effective way possible.

Our focus in paid advertising is always your return on investment. If something is not providing an adequate ROI, we'll look at other options. We are not Google or Facebook or Twitter cheerleaders. They are all large profitable companies who have their own agenda. Our responsibility is not to them but to our customers...always. Having said that, we believe that paid advertising on these mediums can and should be a great investment for almost any business and we'll help you reach your goals.

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