Straight from Google – 3/7/17

Straight from Google – 3/7/17

The major takeaways from the most recent Google hangouts episode were interesting. We’ve summarized the most important tidbits below in case you don’t have time to view the entire video above.


Sitelinks showing on a Google search results page is unrelated to the whether the query is a brand query or not. Google only shows sitelinks when they believe they’ll be useful to the searcher. You should improve the quality of internal links with alt and anchor text that is informative and not duplicated to improve the chances of sitelinks being shown for your listing.


The typeface(s) you use is not used to rank pages in any way. You won’t rank lower if you use comic sans, for instance.

Analytics & bad traffic

Analytics are not used in crawling, ranking or indexing. Lots of bad traffic with 0 time on the pages and therefore high bounce rates does not affect ranking. It should be blocked from analytic data to keep it as clean as possible for your own use though.

Your most important page

Google doesn’t automatically think that the most internally linked to pages are the most important. You can have, for instance, many links from all your other pages to policy or contact pages without fearing that Google will think those are the most important pages.

Body Tags

Insure you are not using tags in your page head that are valid HTML only in the body section. Doing so can cause Google to think the head section has ended which may cause other head section tags to be ignored.

Understanding Pages

The anchor text on links is used to help understand internally linked pages. Use descriptive anchor text. Supplemental text which goes to specific parts of a page is not read or used by Google.

Mobile Page Speed

At the present time, mobile page speed is NOT a ranking factor. It may(probably will) be in the future. Also page speed is always relevant for your visitors.

301 Redirects

A large number(hundreds) of 301 redirects is not a problem in any way as far as Google is concerned.



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