Straight from Google – 2/24/17

Straight from Google – 2/24/17

The major takeaways from the most recent Google hangouts episode were interesting. We’ve summarized the most important tidbits below in case you don’t have time to view the entire video above.

Other sites ranking for your brand name

It is possible for this to happen. Google mentions that increasing your presence on social media sites is one way to help improve your ranking and help prevent this from happening.

Panda takes site architecture into account

The Google Panda algorithm is concerned with overall site quality. So yes, it might be good to work on architecture (how your sites pages are organized).

Search phrase does not have to be present in page content to rank for it

You don’t have to have any individual search term present in the content of your web page to rank, but it helps google a great deal to have the phrase on the page. Including all variations of the phrase is not necessary.

Image optimization

You should optimize images with tags and context. Image title, alt tags, clear file names, etc. help google understand what the image is. The text around the image also plays a role in this understanding.

Canonical Tags

It is incorrect to make the canonical tags on individual blog pages all point back to the main blog page. This blog pages are not equivalent to the blog home page or each other. Canonical tags in the instance are ignored.

Hidden text

On desktop pages hidden text such as in drop down or accordions is given less weight then visible text. On mobile site, this is not much of an issue.

Outbound links

There is not reason, as far as Google is concerned, with outbound links. If the links are useful link for your site visitors, then have as many as you need. You do not need to make the no follow. Google doesn’t care.

Videos hosted off-site

It makes no difference to SEO where video’s on your site are hosted as long as Google can crawl the hosting site.

SSL for website

https is relevant for any website, informational or shopping. https insures users see the content exactly as you provide it. For example, free wifi sites such as airports sometimes add advertising to http pages. An SSL prevents this kind of manipulation.

Microformat vs. schema markup

Markup format does not matter as long as Google can pick it up. However, don’t use multiple formats for the same item.

Mobile site canonical tags

mobile site should be canonicalized to desktop site.



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