Straight from Google – 2/10/17

Straight from Google – 2/10/17

The major takeaways from the most recent Google hangouts episode were interesting. We’ve summarized the most important tidbits below in case you don’t have time to view the entire video above.

Manipulating back buttons

Some sites restrict the use of the back button in an attempt to keep users on the page or site. They believe this will increase the sites google rank by decreasing the bounce rate. Google doesn’t care but they state that your visitors probably will.

Redirects are handled based on perceived use not actual redirect code

Temporary redirects – google tends to index the redirecting page. Permanent redirects – google tends to index the page that is being redirected to. Some temporary redirects are treated as permanent after some time if google thinks they are effectively permanent.

Google doesn’t look at 404 page content

Google doesn’t even look at content or links on 404 pages. They are very important for lost visitors though.

Use incognito browsing to view the least personalized search results

Results completely free of any personalization, geographic or other, really wouldn’t signify anything, since those results are never shown to anyone.

Responsive sites don’t need to change for mobile first index

Virtually no changes will be necessary to responsive websites to prepare for Googles mobile first index. Google has been recommending responsive site design whenever possible rather then having 2 separate sites (desktop/mobile) for a long time now and continues to recommend that. If you do have 2 sites, you should make sure that the mobile site has the same functionality and content available as the desktop site to insure that all content is taken into consideration in the index.

Images on product carousel

To get your preferred images to show on the carousel wrap images in appropriate markup.

Search results vary when shown within short periods of time

There are many things affecting search results including:

  •     Google constantly runs ranking experiments
  •     Websites change constantly
  •     Results can come from any of many ranking centers which can cause different results to show

Google does not ever guarantee any ranking in search results. Ever.



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