Aquiring and maintaning an email list provides a ready, concenting audience
Getting and Growing an Email List

White hat all the way

Email marketing is the most cost effective way to market but you must do it right. The first thing to get right is your email list. Email marketing is only as good as the quality of your email list. You should aquire new contacts the white hat way which is to say, with the email recipients' hearty approval. You do this by giving them value in exchange for the privalege of continued communication with them.

Obtaining and nurturing people on your email list is an ongoing process. You will continuously lose people through general attrition. People move, change jobs, get married, and develope new interests. An average of 25% of your email list will become unresponsive or opt-out each year. It is a continuous effort to keep and grow your list.

Catorizing email lists allows targeted advertising
Run Targeted Structured Campaigns

Driving brand awareness, leads, and sales

The actual content of your emails, including the subject line, is central to success. Having excellent content on the website pages that email recipients are directed to is equally important. Content, content, content. Your message must give value to the people on your list. After all, your list is made up of people who want your emails, who have given you their addresses and are expecting your communication. You're half-way there already. Don't dissappoint with spammy sales pitches only. They'll opt-out in droves.

Segment your list and emails by demographics and interests, insuring the relavent content goes to targeted people who will be interested in that content. This will minimize opt-outs and deletes. Include social media buttons and make sure there is a web page displaying your email for receipients who are having trouble viewing it in thier email readers.

One of the main reasons given for opting out of receiving emails is receiving too many emails. If you have segmented and categorized your email list and emails you can offer the option of receiving fewer emails based on interests and other criteria instead of opting out of all emails.

Email campaign should reflect your other advertising efforts
How Does Email Relate

In marketing, everything affects everything else

You can send targeted email to people who've mentioned you on social media, spurring more social media interaction. You can use your social media presence to grow your email list. For example, place a call to action on your Facebook page. Hosting an on-line version of your emails not only helps recipients who are having trouble viewing them but it helps you with your search engine optimization efforts.

Email is very trackable in analytics software. You can see the results of campaigns and how those results relate to other advertising efforts such as optimization, social interaction, lead generation and sales.

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