Digital Marketing Coordination
Putting it all together

Digital Marketing Coordination

Coordination is essential if you want to get the very most out of your digital marketing budget. You don't have to do everything at once, but you should develop a marketing plan with coordination in mind. Lets talk about a few ways that different aspects of digital marketing relate to each other and how those relations can enhance your overall performance.

SEO and Email Campaigns

If you have a newsletter or other helpful content that you send out to your email list, that content should also be optimized for search engines and posted on your website to draw in more subscribers and encourage more links from social media and other websites. Email marketing should be used to support SEO and SEO should support your email campaigns. If your email encourages social media/blog comments and sharing, that can help raise Googles opinion of your site because it sees these comments and links as authority signals.

Social Media and Website Design

You'll want great design for your social media profile pages. You'll want that design to reflect your brand and be consistent with your website design. You should develop a voice that is consistent between the two also. Social media, of course can drive lots of traffic to your website/blog which gives you a chance to create conversions and sales. Your Social media should be integrated with your website by means of properly placed social buttons that make it easy to like, follow and share your content. Over 65% of social media activity now occurs on mobile devices. Your website absolutely needs to be responsive for this reason alone.

Content and Paid Advertising

If you are using pay per click advertising you will have access to search terms that people have used that resulted in them clicking on your ad. These are excellent search terms to use in your website and blog content. They can be used to help you decide on subjects for blog posts and questions to answer on your website. In addition, the content in the ads can make or break a campaign. The landing page content and wording of calls to action also directly impact your paid campaigns.

And so.....

These are just a few examples. Everything you do to put your face in front of your customers and potential customers is related. You should strive to make the message people see, no matter where they see it, cohesive and consistent. Your brand will thank you and your customers will to.