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Our purpose is to help small to medium sized businesses compete effectively on-line. It's a complex task that requires coordination, cooperation and expertise. We will provide all three to complement your own in house assets and any other resources you may be using.

Our Business is Unique, Just Like Yours

I am Deborah Miller. I founded Kick The Wind several months ago but have been actively helping small businesses succeed on-line for quite a few years. Actually my experience with this dates all the way back to 2004 when I launched a software package I wrote to help professional artists manage their business. Since that time my skill set has expanded and now encompasses SEO, PPC, content creation and web design. My husband Ken does all system hardware/software troubleshooting for ourselves and our customers.

We are a remote business and use several remote partners on a regular basis. We choose a remote work option rather then a single storefront for several reasons. Probably most importantly, it allows us to keep out fees reasonable for our customer. A glass storefront with cushy couches and potted plants for you to enjoy is impressive, but remember, you are paying for that. Given the ease of on-line communication and file sharing, it's also the most efficient and effective way for us to work with each other and with our customers.

Kick The Wind Unique Digital Internet Marketing

why you will choose Kick The Wind

Personal Attention

We are a small team. We only take on the number of customers we can handle. Usually this amounts to about 5 on going monthly accounts at one time. We can do one time services for several clients in addition to the on going accounts. To do things right requires time, thought and no small amount of effort. We will not sacrifice personal, consistent, quality account management for more accounts....ever. The more you hire, the more you grow, the more it becomes like a production line. This does a disservice to the many unique businesses out there that just don't fit into a one size fits all effort.

No Conflicts

We will never take on a monthly account for a business who markets the same product or service to the same area as a business we already work with. Have you ever wondered how a marketing agency can be an expert in marketing for a certain type of business and try to get all of them signed on. Well, in our opinion, they can't. It's a conflict of interest. If you are a remodel contractor who services Tacoma, for instance, we will accept no other accounts from any other remodel contractors targeting Tacoma. How could we get both of these people to the same spot on google? How could we insure they got equal results?


When you work with us you will hear from us often. You will have constant access to analytics and reports to show you where you've been and where you are now. You'll always know what we're working on, and we will constantly be updating your buyer personas, marketing plan and competitor insites as we learn more and more about your customers and you.

Expertise / Experience

We have decades of combined experience in business ownership, business management, software development, accounting, statistical analysis, and digital marketing. Our experience runs the gamut of industries including real estate (management, lending, appraisal, construction), visual arts, hotel/motel management (including bar and restaurant), software development for the government, visual arts, appraisal and hotel/motel niches, and digital marketing for all of these industries.

OUR clients say it all

Our wonderful customers are the reason we do this. We love to help small businesses succeed!

Kick the Wind has handled all our internet marketing for the past 3 years including social media, adwords, website, blog posts, SEO and all technical issues with hosting. She is a great asset and has gone out of her way to make sure everything is done well. We have seen steady increases in website visitors, calls and emails resulting in increased sales even in the winter months. We've had experience with other internet marketing people and I can tell you we've seen a world of difference with Deborah. She'll take a very personal interest in helping your business grow.

Padilla Testimonial
David Padilla Padilla Construction

Deborah at Kick The Wind is exceptional at understanding the client's needs and desires and expanding them further. She is talented, organized, knowledgeable in the field and easy to work with. We went over our website needs and possible options and she had some great ideas for the layout and made our page look aesthetically pleasing and user friendly. Deborah is talented, prompt and gave her personal attention for my company's needs with a quick turn around. Highly recommend!